Un Artiste Une Journeé - An Exhibit to Remember

March 13th, 2024

Santo Domingo, D.R.

called “To Come back"

This exhibition from Inés Tolentino was a return

This exhibition from Inés Tolentino was a return although called “To Come back". Organized by my dear friend Ingrid Grullón and her cultural platform and dialogue launch pad ‘Un Artiste Une Journée” it was a big success.

I was invited to give some words from the optic and passion of an art collector about Tolentino’s new body of work. Two works by Tolentino live in my apartment in New York and my apartment in Barcelona. She is present in both places.

As I said that night “Volver - To Come Back represents the multifaceted idea of coming back without never having left, of reinvention, of coming back as a provocation to engrain in our brains the values of Inés that also have never left us”

It was a testimony about women and their sense of identity, their sense of place, their culture and the challenges in a sometimes blind society when it comes to take care of mother nature and women’s perceptive powers.

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