Book Presentation and Signing - Mar de Letras

March 19th, 2024

Punta Cana, D.R.

Mar de Letras

a group of amazing women and intellectuals

Mar de Letras - Sea of Letters, is a group of amazing women and intellectuals that opened their arms and received me with their hearts and brains ready to dive into the story of The Admiral, The Ballerina and Mr. Switche and into my journey as a writer. The Literature professor Ingrid Grullón, and my dear friend, gave the introductory words that brought tears to my eyes.

Not only they were eager to share the story and its details but also they made the best time of it. We enjoyed that night as if there was no tomorrow.

"Ingrid Grullón's moving introduction and the vibrant discussions that followed truly showcased the passion and intellect of this extraordinary group. It was a celebration of storytelling that none of us wanted to end."

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