Conversation and Book Signing
with Amy and Neal Schultz

April 18th, 2024

New Canaan Book Club, Bedford, NY

An unforget-table night

of literature, friendship, and exquisite dining

It is an honor and a luxury when dear, very busy and important friends take the time to invite you to a private book club, specially if it is hosted in their home. It is not only a luxury but it also means they believe in you and your work.

Amy’s Book Club was an amazing experience. She is the force behind this group of avid readers and very cultured women who make this book club so special. There were full of insights and thoughts about the story.

They also got to meet Alberto, Chacho, my husband. The very special character of the book and who triggered my passion to write his and his family story. Neal, my dear friend, was the night magnificent sommelier pairing the food of fantastic chef Juan Benitez.

"An evening at Amy's Book Club was a testament to friendship and literary passion, perfectly paired with exquisite cuisine and fine wine, making it truly unforgettable."

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Conversation and Book Signing
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