Family Book Launch, A Celebration!

April 26th, 2023

Santo Domingo, DR

Starting the journey

With the love and support of the whole family!

A family event to start the journey of my first book with all their energy and great wishes.

The family is both the first training to start signing books, to hear their questioning, their positive and/or challenging opinions to start preparing you for the real world. Priceless!

Projects start with the support of the family. As a first time writer it is very hard to rearrange your schedule and focus your mind around a piece of work without the understanding of family members. Thank you family Pagés Canals, Pagés Lovatón, Vigil Pagés y Cortiñas Pagés.

"Embarking on a Literary Voyage — Fueled by the unwavering love and support of family, my journey as a first-time author begins.

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Conversation and Book Signing
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